10 Proofs We Are Living In The End-Times

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Many people today know we are living in the end-times, but many others deny it. For me personally, I know how hard it is to convince my family and friends, that they need to focus on being right with Yeshua more than anything because time is almost up. But a lot of times it falls on deaf ears I made this video to be a tool to clearly show how far we are into the last days and why.

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These are 10 reasons you should know we are living in the end-times.

Number 1 – Evil is now good:

At the time of me promoting this video, they are literally playing Maleficent on television. A movie which made an evil witch the hero. Today evil is being promoted as good. I explained this in my video about the movie “Black Panther“.

All one needs to do today is review the values from a mere century ago and compare them with today’s values. It’s very easy to see that what the majority once held as good is no longer agreed upon.

The point is, evil is now seen as good across the board and only continues to get worse. 2nd Timothy chapter 3 tells us what people will be like in the last days. After reviewing this scripture you’ll see just how spot-on Elohim’s word is. You can’t deny that this is not a general description of people today.

Number 2 – The United Nations sustainable development:

I realize number one isn’t enough evidence for a naysayer, so I will immediately jump into indisputable information the United Nations sustainable development goals, also known as Agenda 21 is a great start.

The Bible prophesies in the Book of Revelation chapter 13, that Authority will be given to The Beast over every tribe nation and tongue, and he will be in charge of the world which he breaks into ten kingdoms.

This is the world government.

You’ve probably heard this conspiracy before, right now we currently have independent nations that are responsible for their own people but there is not a direct governmental body that all nations get the directors from. Or is there?

The United Nations sustainable development goals, are a set of goals that all nations of the world have signed into agreement on September of 2015. There are 17 goals that their website literally says will be used to transform the world.

All nations of the world are moving within this agenda. And while if you look at the goals generally, they can seem like a good thing. Like who would disagree with no poverty? but if you just dig slightly deeper into these goals, you can see something much more complex in the making that we are living in the end-times.

There are too many instances to count already. A video on this alone could be done, but you should do your own research.

The point is, the world has agreed to move towards a world government that is administered and controlled by the United Nations. Didn’t George Bush Senior say that that’s what a new world order was? the problem is, they have not told the general public directly of this goal.

All Nations have signed and agreed to these terms.

So regardless if you believe we are living in the end-times or not you should at least have a good understanding of the direction the world is moving towards and if you don’t believe it’s about a world government, I just want you to think about this; every year for the past five years, there’s been a Global Citizens Festival (GCF).

A festival that has been purposed with celebrating these United Nations sustainable development goals, but just dissect what everyone is celebrating. What’s the definition of a citizen?

A citizen is a native or naturalized person who owes allegiance to a government, and is entitled to protection from it.

If this was a United States Citizens Festival, it wouldn’t be a big deal because we know we are actually citizens of the United States. But a global citizen? what Global government are we a citizen of? We have been conditioned to accept this Global government that’s coming without knowing we are living in the end-times.

Do your own research though. They are not hiding this information, if you do not know about the United Nations sustainable development goals, you don’t know much about this world’s Direction.

we are living in the end-times
we are living in the end-times.

Number 3: Bitcoin and the mark of the beast:

I won’t dedicate much time to this because there is a video that explains this more in depth. I’ll just say that many people that are deniers that we are we are living in the end-times, deny it because they believe past Generations said the same thing, and it didn’t happen.

Just like our parents thought that the Cold War would be the end. Or our grandparents thought that World War II was the end.

While I don’t discredit that maybe they did think like this at the time, I believe whatever their views were, they were not biblical. The reason I say this is, there was at no time technology that remotely could have been the mark of the beast.

Cash and physical currencies during those times were King and widely accepted.

Today, not only has the dominance of physical currency gone away, making us more of a cashless Society than ever, but we’ve never before had a truly Global type of currency that has nothing to do with a specific Nation border or Central Bank.

That’s what Bitcoin is, but on top of that, we’ve never had the technology of an insertable microchip that holds all financial and medical information that also is growing in wide acceptance and people are now anticipating using it.

You need to understand this. To get a deeper understanding of Bitcoin and the mark of the beast will open your eyes we are living in the end-times.

Number 4: One world religion. If you heard about the one world government conspiracy then you’ve probably heard about the one world religion conspiracy. That’s because it goes with the same Bible verses as the world government in Revelation chapter 13.

The whole world worshiped the Beast.

Never before have we seen so many prayers with the religious leaders of the three major faiths praying together.

You’ll see that in many instances, leaders of Jewish, Christian and Islamic faiths are all praying together as if they are praying to the same God.

They call it Interfaith prayers and worship.

I’ll never forget the blaspheme of one of those Services they had after the shooting in Dallas. The Interfaith choir sang Total Praise by Richard Smallwood. I wonder to myself what God do they think they’re really praising.

Pope Francis has been a great influence in promoting this. He recently said that hell isn’t even a real place.


But he’s done much to promote this one world religion. We’ve never seen this before in our world history. You need to pay attention to all these things that we are living in the end-times.

Number 5: The fight for Jerusalem and the Third Temple.

Now there’s a reason why president Trump had pushed to move the U.S embassy to Jerusalem. He is now bringing Global attention to the city that Elohim has chosen. But there is a massive amount of movement happening in Jerusalem while on top of that the Israelis have been pleading to rebuild the Temple.

If you pay attention to the news over in Israel, you can’t deny that something’s going on over there. It might not be real to everyone because our news networks in the US and else where don’t cover it.

But the Israelis have been making major preparations for their Temple, putting together specific things they need in order to Worship in the temple.

Things like a specific red heifer they need for their sacrifices and other materials. These are recent developments that just goes along with the times we’re in, don’t ignore them, they are part of the equation we are living in the end-times.

Number 6 – The U.S economy is collapsing: Again there is a video about this subject that covers this more in depth. Please understand that the points that mainstream media makes about the US economy currently being great and the U.S being at record unemployment are myths.

Do you feel that this economy is great? Are there a bunch of great jobs available for you and your children?

I focus on the US economy because it has so much impact on the global economy. It is the leader, so let me explain, since the Great Recession, they did not fix too big to fail, they made it worse. They did not fix the debt markets, they subsidized it and intensified our debt levels.

In 2009, our national debt was 10.9 trillion and today in 2018 it’s over 21 trillion nearly doubled in nine years.

The stock market was at all-time highs in the beginning of the year but is dramatically retreating from this. Do you remember what happened in 2007 a little bit after we hit all-time highs? The mainstream media is just waving it off as a normal Market correction, but it is much deeper than that.

Let me be clear, this economy has to collapse. It is mathematically impossible for it to be able to sustain itself especially with the feds still raising interest rates.

There are massive bubbles that must pop.

If you remember the collapse in 2007/2008, they said if they did not take the actions they took, the global economy would have collapsed in two or three days.

We’re now worse off in every indicator and they can’t even take the same actions they took before should a problem erupt. If you are comfortable with today’s world, it’s only because you’re either believing in the mainstream media that things like the economy are great, or you’re not paying attention to the economy clearly indicating that we are living in the end-times.

This is important to understand because it paves the way for a new Financial system like Bitcoin.

Number 7 – The trade War and the collapse of the US dollar.

If you’ve been paying attention to the global news over the past few years you should have been anticipating this coming trade War as well as the recent actions from the U.S. The Eastern nations of Russia Iran and China have been making major moves against the US dollar.

The general public believes that Trump just decided to recently push these tariffs on China, but I have been personally expecting action because China is making major moves against the U.S dollar.

They literally were said to start pricing oil in their currency Yuan, and they are supposed to be doing this one month after Trump announced the hard stance against them. But their move was playing months before Trump’s action was even discussed.

There’s too much to explain, but this trade war is not about what the mainstream news is saying, these actions president Trump is taking are not about getting a new deal, it’s in response to the challenge of the petrol dollar.

China is pricing oil in their currency, the first real legitimate challenge to the petro dollar we’ve seen. No matter what happens from this it will be bad for the world. This by itself could collapse the global economy, but I listed as separate because it literally is independent of how bad the global economy is.

Just understand what you’re seeing and hearing about the trade war is not real.

This threatens the current system and we are at a point of no return as you hear this trade War intensify you should be bracing for a major problem that cannot be avoided because we are living in the end-times.

Number 8 – The wealthy are preparing for a global catastrophe:

Did you know that nuclear bunkers are in a higher demand than ever before?

Did you know the underground bunkers are now seen as a status symbol of wealth? They are literally preparing for a major Global catastrophe, as signs we are living in the end-times.

There’s even membership clubs that you can join to be in underground communities. Russia is having nuclear drills with its citizens. The point is the wealthy knows something the general public does not know.

This didn’t just become a phenomenon for no reason.

The world is on edge because we are living in the end times. While the general public is expecting Good Times ahead. They are preparing, why aren’t you?

Number 9 – The world is desperate for new leadership: I believe this was the whole reason for the Trump presidency, besides him being a scapegoat for what’s coming. The world has been under the United States leadership for the past 60 to 70 years.

The U.S has been the world leaders but because of actions from Bush, Obama and now especially Trump, and now Biden seems to be the worst of them all, the world desires new leadership.

We have not seen what this looks like yet.

There is not one specified leader today that the world values their opinion collectively, but the world is searching for him and being that the United States is no longer in the position we should be bracing for and expecting a major change.

Number 10. The world is on edge for World War III:

The United States versus North Korea, United States and England and NATO versus Russia, because of the poisoning of the spy in England and the buildup of arms on the Russian border, Russia and Ukraine conflict, United States versus China because of the provocations in the South China Sea, China versus Tiawan conflict.

United States versus Iran because Trump wants to get out of the nuclear deal, United States versus Syria because the U.S. wants Assad removed.

Israel Saudi Arabia versus Iran and turkey for Domination of the Middle East as well as the threat of terrorism from Isis.

The world is on edge for war, do you think that these conflicts will just go away on their own? Are you expecting all these conflicts to just go away peacefully?

Again you might not be paying enough attention, so in closing if one or even two of these situations were happening, then I guess I’d understand why you might ignore the thought of us we are living in the end-times.

But with all 10 of these valid points happening all at once, if you think that you can just ignore it and it will just go away, you’re making a huge mistake.

We are just one headline away from a major Global change. The biggest point that I didn’t even list is that the world is accepting the doctrine of Satan more than ever before.

More people aligning with his values than of Elohim’s.

People hate the name Yeshua or Jesus, or they may believe in him, but they do not want to completely surrender to his will.

I know many people who personally know that we are living in the end-times, but just aren’t willing to get past their own selfish desires. Either way, the only answer to these end times is repentance, baptism and surrender to the will of Elohim and complete belief and redemption through the blood of Yeshua.

I have a video that can give you strategies for living in these end times, and I will be releasing more videos pertaining to the subject to prepare you so if you haven’t already, please subscribe if you want to understand the Bible more. Please watch my history of religion series if you know someone who denies we are living in the end-times.

Please share this video with them.

This should be enough for them to at least think and wake up from the deception at play and whatever is distracting them. Most importantly, do not fear, this is a time when you need faith, not fear!

Believe in Yeshua, trust in him, put your life in Elohim’s hands. The enemy wants you to fear him like he’s in control, but he’s not.

The only ones who should fear are those that refuse to live for Elohim and his will, and yes I’m very afraid for them.

This is very important to understand and I hope it wakes you up to the severity of the fact that we are living in the end-times. Anything you don’t understand or agree with please speak on it in the comments below thanks for your time, I love you all.