Here is the man called king of the ages

Ladies and gentlemen, may I have your undivided attention! I am going to introduce to you, in the corner of the good and right, the champion robed in white. His height exceeds the heaven, His weight outweighs the world. His reach reaches everywhere, His age is evermore.

His name is Faithful and True, He is the first and the last, the beginning and the end, He is the Almighty God, He is Jesus the Christ the Son of the Living God.

He was conceived of the Holy Ghost, born of a virgin, increased in wisdom and stature and in favour with God and man. He came down so we could be lifted up; He became poor that we might become rich; He came to earth that we might go to heaven; He became a servant that we might be made co-heirs.

He became the son of man that we might become sons of God;  He was born of a woman so that we could be born of God; He denied Himself so that we might freely receive all things; He gave Himself so that He could bless us with all spiritual blessings.

Jesus, the mere mention of his name can calm the storm, heal the broken,  raise the dead. At the name of Jesus I see sin hardened men melted, derelicts transformed. At the name of Jesus hatred and bitterness turn to love and forgiveness.

Emperors have tried to destroy that name, Philosophies have tried to stamp it out. Tyrants have tried to wash it from the face of the earth with the very blood of those who claimed it, yet it still stands.

And there shall be that final day when every voice that has ever uttered a sound, every voice of Adam’s race shall raise in one mighty chorus to proclaim the name of Jesus.

You see, it was not mere chance that caused an angel one night long ago to say to a virgin maiden,  his name shall be called Jesus. He is wiser than Solomon, Stronger than Samson, greater than Alexander, more powerful than the forces of nature.

Meet the champion of the ages. Over 2000 years ago He left His throne in heaven to enter this arena, to raise His hand in victory for us. At Calvary Satan thought he had won, Friday was dark, Saturday was covered with blackness, but wait, the devil did not know about Sunday morning.

The living one who was dead, behold He is alive forevermore, and He holds the keys of Death and Hell.

He is the champion of champions: He is higher than the highest, greater than the greatest, mightier than the mightiest, stronger than the strongest, wiser than the wisest, He reigns from above, He reigns supreme, no one will ever take His crown away. He’s the all time undisputed undefeated champion of the ages.

To explain Jesus is impossible, to ignore Him is disastrous, to reject Him is fatal.  To know Him is to love Him, to love Him is to trust Him, to trust Him is to be radically, dramatically and eternally change from darkness to light, from death to life.

Thou shalt call His name JESUS for He shall save His people from their sins. 

He is the Lamb of God who taketh away the sins of the world; He the light that came into the world to guide all nations; He is the bright and Morning Star; He is the living bread that came down from heaven; He is the living water that satisfy thirsty souls; He is the Lilly of the valley.

He is the Everlasting Father; He is the Lord God Almighty; He is Lord of both the living and the dead.

Jesus is a Rock in a weary land; He is a shelter in the time of storm; He is a shade by day and a defense by night; He is the Horn of our Salvation; He is the Ancient of Days; He is the wheel in the middle of the wheel…..

He is the beginning and the end; He is the first and the last; He is the resurrection and the life; He is the head of all principality and power;  He is the Door of the sheep; He is the way the truth and the life; He is the Lion of the tribe of Judah; He is the Shepherd and bishop of our soul; He is the sure and solid foundation; He is the Captain of the host of the Lord……

He is the Treasure of heaven crucified; He is the author and finisher of our faith; He is the Prince of peace; He is our Prophet Priest and King; He is the express image of God; He is creator of all things visible and invisible; He is the Rose of Sharon; He is the Redeemer of the world, He is the Refiners fire…….

He is the root and offspring of David; He is the Son of Righteousness; He is the tree of life; He is the mighty conqueror; He is the friend that stick closer than a brother; He is the blessed and only potentate; He is the end of the Law; He is the faithful and true witness; He is the God of heaven and earth;

Oh I wish I could adequately describe him to you.

King of Kings
King of Kings

He heals the sick, raise the dead, cleanse the lepers, the maimed made whole, the deaf hear, the dumb speak, the lunatic restored, devils’ possessed delivered;  He took our infirmities and bore our sicknesses. He provided strength to the weak; He forgives the sinners; He delivers the captives;  He’s ready to aid the tempted, the tested and tried;  His love for us is unconditionally amazing;

That love took Him to the cross.

We are the beneficiaries of a love letter, it was written in blood on a wooden cross; erected in Judea over 2000 years ago; He was crucified on a cross of wood, yet He made the hill on which it stood;  It wasn’t the nails that held Him to that cross, He could have summoned ten legions of warrior angels to release Him.  

Satan thought he had won the bout, instead the cross was his ultimate knockout.

At the cross, Jesus disarmed the powers and authorities of Satan.

He regained eternal life for man, by defeating Satan’s death centered plan. Ascending to heaven in great victory, Our Savior reigns for all eternity. He is the Lion and the Lamb who shed His blood and died for our sins, rose victorious and reigns as King for evermore.

Jesus Christ is the ultimate monarchy; He is the sovereign King.

No means of measure can define his limitless love. He is King of the Jews, A racial King; He is King of Israel, a national King; King of every nation,  He is King from the loin of David; He is King of all the ages, King forever; He is the King of Kings and Lord of Lords.  He had no predecessor  and He had no successor. You can’t impeach Him and He is not going to resign;

His office is manifold, He reigns in righteousness, His promises are sure, His goodness is limitless, His light is matchless, His grace is sufficient, His love is unfathomable, His mercy is everlasting, His word is final…….

I wish I could describe Him to you.

If there are words to describe Him then I don’t have them. 

You see the human created brain has not yet reached the point where it can form a thought that could adequately describe the greatness of Jesus.  And the lungs have not yet developed the ability to release a breath with enough agility to breathe out the greatness of His Love. And the voice, you see the voice is so inhibited , restrained by human limitations that it’s hard to even sing the praise up, you see…….

if there are words for Him, then I don’t have them.

He is irresistible, He is invincible;  His Grace is remarkable, mercies are innumerable, His strength is impenetrable, He is honorable, accountable, favorable. He’s unsearchable yet knowable, indefinable, yet approachable, indescribable, yet personal; He is beyond comprehension, further than imagination, constant through generations,  but if there are words for Him, then I don’t have them.

He is a prophet before Moses; A priest after Melchizedek;  He is the mightiest of all, His power non can contain; He is above all powers, the heaven of heavens cannot  contain Him, man cannot explain Him, the Pharisees  could not stand Him and learned they could not stop Him. Pilate could not find any fault in Him, the witnesses could not agree against Him, Herod could not kill Him, death could not handle Him, and the grave could not hold Him.

 I wish I could describe Him to you!

The heavens declare His glory and the firmament showeth Him handy works; He has always been and always will be; He is the first and the last, the Alpha and the Omega, the Aleph and the Tau, The A and the Z,

By Him were all things made that were made, and without Him was not anything made that was made. By Him all things held together,  in Him dwells the fullness of the Godhead bodily; the very God of very God. He is our Kingsman redeemer, and our avenger of blood.

He is our city of refuge, our performing High Priest, our personal prophet, and our reigning King.

He’s enduringly strong, He’s entirely sincere, He’s eternally steadfast. He’s immortally graceful. He’s imperially powerful. He’s impartially merciful. He’s God’s Son. He’s a sinner’s savior. He’s the centerpiece of civilization. He stands alone in Himself. He’s unparalleled. He’s unprecedented. He’s supreme. He’s preeminent.

King of Kings
King of the ages

He is the loftiest idea in literature; He is the highest personality in philosophy;  the fundamental doctrine in theology; He is the supreme problem in higher criticism; He is the miracle of all the ages;  He’s the only one able to supply all of our needs simultaneously. 

You can’t get Him out of your mind. You can’t get Him off of your hands. You can’t outlive Him, and you can’t live without Him.

He is the king of knowledge, He’s the well-spring of wisdom, He’s the doorway of deliverance, He’s the pathway of peace, He’s the roadway of righteousness, He’s the highway of holiness, He’s the gateway of glory, He’s the master of the mighty, He’s the captain of the conquerors…….

He’s the head of the heroes, He’s the leader of the legislators, He’s the overseer of the overcomers, He’s the governor of governors, He’s the prince of princes.

I wish I could describe Him to you , but if there are words for Him, then I don’t have them. But what I do have is GOOD NEWS, for my God knew that manmade words would never do, for words are just tools that we use to point to the truth.



I have this blessed assurance, that Jesus is mine! Oh, that is only a foretaste of glory divine!

I am an Heir of salvation, I’m purchase of God, Born of His Spirit, washed in His blood. This is my story, this is my song, Praising my Savior all the day long.

There is power in the blood of Jesus, we are redeem from sin by His blood, we are cleansed and made whole by His blood, we are justified by His blood, we are sanctified by His blood. His blood reconciled us to God,  His blood gives us guaranteed victory over Satan’s kingdom, His blood assures us eternal salvation in God’s Kingdom.

What can wash away our sins? Nothing but the blood of Jesus, what can make us whole again? Nothing but the blood of Jesus.  No other fount I know,  Nothing but the blood of Jesus. There is power,  wonder-working power in the precious blood of the Lamb.

I am redeemed, bought with a price, not with silver nor gold.

Jesus has changed my whole life.  If anybody asks you, just who I am, tell them I am redeemed not with the blood of bull or goat, but with the efficacious blood of Jesus the Lamb of God whom the host of heaven worship and cried holy, holy, holy, worthy is the Lamb that was slain to receive glory and honour and power, and wisdom, and riches, and blessing, and thanksgiving, and thrones, and kingdoms, and His kingdom shall reign for evermore.

All the glory and honour belong to Him. He shall return in all His power and glory, every eye shall behold Him; and on that day every knee shall bow and every tongue shall confess that Jesus Christ Is truly Lord!  For thine is the kingdom and the power and the glory forever, and ever, and ever, and ever. How long is that?

And ever, and ever, and ever, and ever, and when you get through with all of the forevers, then ‘Amen and Amen’.”


1 Song by The Gaithers:  Something About His Name
2 Song by Kari Jobe: Forever
3 The Indescribable Christ by Dr. S.M. Lockridge
4 The Bible

Vitamin D Deficiency And Coronavirus Infection


A recent study conducted by researchers at the University of Chicago Medicine found possible connection between vitamin D deficiency and contracting the coronavirus.

The Association of Vitamin D Status and Other Clinical Characteristics With COVID-19 Test Results, was published September 3 in JAMA Network Open.

The researchers looked at 489 University of Chicago Medicine patients and found those who had a deficiency in vitamin D that went untreated were nearly twice as likely to contract COVID-19 when compared to patients with normal levels of vitamin D.

Vitamin D is important to the function of the immune system, and vitamin D supplements have previously been shown to lower the risk of viral respiratory tract infections,” said David Meltzer, MD, PhD, Chief of Hospital Medicine at University of Chicago Medicine and lead author of the study.

“Our statistical analysis suggests this may be true for the COVID-19 infection,” he said.

The patients that were involved in the study had their vitamin D levels measured within a year prior to getting a COVID-19 test.

According to the study, almost half of Americans are deficient in vitamin D, with much higher rates seen in African Americans, Hispanics and individuals living in areas like Chicago where sunlight is limited all year-round, and makes it difficult to get enough sun exposure especially in the winter season.

“Understanding whether treating Vitamin D deficiency changes COVID-19 risk could be of great importance locally, nationally and globally,” said Meltzer.

According to researchers, shelter-in-place orders to reduce the spread of COVID-19 may also decrease sun exposure, and in turn, potentially increase the need for vitamin D supplementation which should not exceed 4000 IU per day.

Vitamin D is inexpensive, generally very safe to take, and can be widely scaled,”  Meltzer said.

Read more here…


The third trumpet judgment causes a “great star” named Wormwood to fall from heaven, “blazing like a torch,” that poisons a third of the earth’s fresh water to become toxic.

Is it an asteroid or is this another supernatural entity tasked with delivering God’s judgment to an unrepentant world? resizeimage 1

The Burning Mountain Thrown Into the Sea-Week-48

The second angel blows his trumpet and “something like a great mountain, burning with fire,” is thrown into the sea. We discuss the evidence from scripture and the extrabiblical Book of Enoch to show why this is not a meteorite or an asteroid, but an angel sent to bring judgment to Earth. resizeimage 1

The Seven Angels Who Stand Before God-Week-47

Revelation 8 introduces us to “the seven angels who stand before God,” who blow the trumpets heralding a new set of judgments to come upon the earth. We speculate that these angels may be the seven archangels named in the Book of 1 Enoch, representing the belief of Jews during the Second Temple period.

Then we begin our study of the first trumpet judgment of hail and fire mixed with blood. This echoes the plague of hail and lightning that devastated Egypt (Exodus 9:22-25) and explain why “hail” (Barad) and “thunderbolts” (the reshephim) may be a “company of destroying angels” (Psalm 78:48-49) as well as a natural disaster. resizeimage 1

The Multitude Before the Throne-Week-46

We dig deeper into the exclusion of Dan from the list of twelve tribes in Revelation 7, and we note that a belief that the Antichrist would come from Dan dates back to within two generations of the apostle John. (Note: The excerpt Derek read was from the Treatise on Christ and Antichrist by Hippolytus, a student of Irenaeus. While Irenaeus also wrote that the Antichrist might come from Dan, what Derek read was not from that book.)

Then we explain why we believe the multitude that appears before the throne in Rev. 7:9 is evidence that supports the “earthquake resurrection” theory proposed by David W. Lowe. resizeimage 1

The 144,000-Week-45

After the earthquake that accompanies the opening of the sixth seal, four angels are directed to hold back the winds and refrain from harming the earth until the servants of God are sealed with the Father’s name on their foreheads.

We discuss the 144,000 from the twelve tribes of Israel who will be sealed, whose role is further explained later in Revelation, and why the tribes of Ephraim and Dan are excluded from the list. resizeimage 1

Two Faces of Earth-Week-44

We discuss the souls under the altar and the connection between the opening of the sixth seal, the Day of the Lord, geological evidence that the earth literally split in the distant past, and divine judgment that literally divides the earth. resizeimage 1


Jamaica For Jesus Christ Of Nazareth – Freedom Come!

Everyone wants to be FREE! But no one can be totally free! There has to be boundaries, restrictions, limitations, or conditions for operating and living your life.

Many of us fool ourselves to believe we are free since slavery was abolished in Jamaica in 1834.

The most important area in our lives we should be liberating is spiritual liberty of freedom. To be spiritually free, we become slaves to righteousness. Living to do what is right is the highest level of freedom a human being can achieve.

Jamaica for Jesus Freedom Come Ministry is about releasing the people and setting them free from spiritual bondage. Spiritual freedom can only be experienced in and through Yeshua Hamashiach.

Jamaica For Jesus Freedom Come started by the leadership at the Tarrant Baptist Church at 51 Molynes Road Kingstom 10 Jamaica.

The Radio station (TBCRadio) is the main vehicle carrying the move of God lead by the pastor Apostle Jeffery Shuttleworth.

The mission of the movement is to bring back Jamaica from the unrighteous and ungodly path, by saturating the seven pillars of the nation with prayer to honour God.

This is being accomplished by taking the nation one community at a time until the whole nation is affected, which will flow into the region and the world.

We started with a mass gathering in Half Way Tree in November 2017, where the Honorable Prime Minister lead the nation in a Prayer of repentance.

The freedom come movement continues to gather momentum and made its presence felt in different parts of the nation, like Montego Bay, May Pen, Lionel Town, Rocky Point, Spanish Town and other places where a one day saturation of prayers and declarations destroying the kingdom of darkness and establishing the Kingdom of God, the Kingdom of Light.

The movement staged its first community evangelist outreach in Port Royal (The Royal Port) from November 2018 to February 2019.

An event that should last for one week, turned out to over ten weeks of Holy Ghost revival in Port Royal.

From Port Royal the Freedom come train made the next stop in Waterhouse St Andrew. Another record time from April to June 2019.

From Waterhouse the Freedom Come Train moved over to the Sunshine City of Portmore, and the first stop was at the Climate Change Park from October 2019 to January 2020.

Freedom Come Climate Change Park Portmore November 10, 2019, Pastor Devon Johnson

The Freedom Come Gospel Train Remained in Portmore, but at a different location in Newland and Southborough Communities intersection. The Coronavirus outbreak disrupted the smooth flow, however, as a result, other outreach arms were created under God.

The first outgrowth was the Freedom Come Morning Blitz. A team of persons goes into a strategic location in a community early in the morning a proclaim the gospel message and invite persons to Christ.

Another tool to reach people is the SWOT team. This is also a group of intercessors who target communities all over the island and use portable bill boards to advertise the gospel and current events that is of serious consequence within the fulfillment of Bible prophecy.

The next big and great event was the launch of the Newspaper called “Freedom Come Rain“. The launch was on Saturday August 1, 2020, at the historic location at Emancipation Square in Spanish Town.

Posted by TBC RADIO on Saturday, August 1, 2020

What next? Only the Holy Ghost can answer that question. Let us keep on praying, believe and actively wait on the Lord for His strategic direction.

Recapping the Riders-Week-42

As we prepare to unpack the sixth and seventh seals of the scroll, moving from history to future, we recap the reasons why we believe the first three riders of Revelation 6 are Apollo, Ares/Mars, and Hermes/Mercury. resizeimage 1

Earthquake Resurrection (Part 2)-Week-40

The first five seals of the Book of Revelation are already open, and we’re living in the middle of unfolding end times prophecy. Prophecy expert David W. Lowe joins us for the second half of our exclusive interview about his excellent book Earthquake Resurrection. resizeimage 1

The Four Beasts of Daniel-Week-38

We discuss the imagery of the four beasts of Daniel’s vision (Daniel 7:1-8), compare it to Nebuchadnezzar’s dream of the “great image” (Daniel 2), and show how the “little horn” of Daniel 7 connects the terrifying fourth beast to God’s long war against Leviathan—chaos. resizeimage 1