Revelation Unfold – Week-1

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Unfolding The Book Of Revelation

If there is a time to study and have a full understanding of the book of Revelation, it is now. The book as recorded by the Apostle John who was abandoned on the Isle of Patmos, there God the Father revealed to him the final events of His Son Jesus Christ.

That is what the Book Of Revelation is all about, the revelation of the Lord Jesus Christ in the end times. Along side the revelation of the Anti-Christ, the man of sin, the son of perdition.

Derek and Sharon Gilbert from begin a new weekly program that analyzes end times prophecy in the Bible from Genesis to Revelation. This week, they discuss a supernatural entity who may have rebelled even before the serpent in Eden—Leviathan.

Here is the first video in this riveting revealing series of Unraveling Revelation

The book of Revelation is different in the New Testament. It belongs to a genre of writing known as ‘apocalyptic’. This term comes from the Greek word which means unveiling or revelation.

Apocalyptic literature is characterized by visions that present the past and the future of heaven and earth in light of the present.

The book of Revelation is Apocalypse, which means catastrophic end-crisis of present age; Christ in His coming glory – Behold He Cometh; Spectacular reappearance of the King of Kings in His global empire. 

Individuals who write apocalyptic language typically used symbols and coded descriptions to disguise what they were really saying, from those who were persecuting them.

The codes in the book of Revelation were so effective that few people agree today on exactly what John really meant. 

Some believe that many of the predictions in the book have not yet been fulfilled. They say that John was writing about events that will come to pass in our time. 

Others interpret Revelation in terms of the first-century Christian church, and coming to the conclusion that many of the events described in the book took place  already during the Roman Empire.  (John was telling the believers of his day that what was happening to them was a necessary part of the divine plan).

Still others find references to the ongoing-conflict of evil and good throughout human history.  

This is a conflict that will continue until Satan has been bound and finally cast into the lake of fire and the people of God enter into the new Jerusalem. resizeimage 1