Praying For Education


Prayer For The Education Sector

Father in heaven, we lift up the Education sector of this nation with all stakeholders including teachers, students, administrators, office staff, coaches, bus drivers, counsellors, social workers, school staff and volunteers, community partners, school board members, lecturers at colleges and universities, researchers on the education curriculum and system, educators for special needs, parents and children at all levels of education from preschool through graduate levels.

Your word say, “Train up a child the way he should go, and when he is old, he will not depart from it.” We declare that our schools will never abandon the fear and reverence for God. Devotion will always be the first activity to begin the day at school. And prayer will punctuate the whole day to the very end.

We pray for the minister of Education The Hon. Carl Samuda and all the staff members working in head office and all the zones across the island. We pray for the salvation of those who don’t know you as Lord and Saviour. May they accept you in their heart and life before it is tool late, in Jesus Name.

Oh Lord of heaven we lift up all teachers who work in education, may they experience the joys of teaching. We pray that all who are involved will use their skill wisely, feel themselves to be valued and help the students in their care to learn and grow.

Father God in heaven, we remember the work of teachers, the men and women who have been through hard training, and now use their skills in educating others. We acknowledge their work, and we want to understand the joys, the stresses and the strains they feel in their daily work.

Holy God, we pray for dedicated teachers, teachers who feel inadequate or stressed. Lord we remember all these people in their various tasks; give them strength, courage and a sense of purpose in teaching.

Father, we pray for struggling or unsupported teachers. Teachers who feel overwhelmed by their workload. We remember all these people in their various tasks; give them peace, joy and a sense of purpose in their teaching.

Father we speak to the dedication of all teacher, and their love for the profession, and especially for the students. Help them never to think of shortchanging a student, no matter what the circumstance. Let the love for the job come before love for the money. Help them never to do anything to exploit the students for selfish gain.

We declare that teachers will spend enough time to prepare their lessons just as they were trained for the mixture of students in their class. Knowing that every child is different, and their learning styles are different. Some are visual learners, some are auditory learners, while some are kinesthetic learners, and others have a mixture of styles.  Help the teachers Lord to genuinely love the students, so that a bond can develop between them.

Students have a way of knowing what is genuine, and will rebel when they are taken for granted.

Father, we pray for teachers in special needs schools, infant and basic schools, primary schools, secondary schools, colleges and universities, and all other adult educational institutions.

Father God, we pray for all teacher training institutions. Let the right personalities be selected for training to be teachers, the right people considering a career in education. Where ever a conflict or misfit is identified, let good sense prevails and corrective measures taken to address the problem.

Lord God, we remember all these people in their various situations, give them a clear sense of direction.

Lord God, we lift up all these categories of people in their various tasks; give them energy, commitment and a sense of purpose in their work.

Father God, we pray for all principals with the responsibility of managing an institution and in some cases institutions, grant them wisdom to make the right decisions with boldness. Help them to be strong especially when they are being opposed and criticized. help them always to seek your guidance and direction to go forward.

Oh Lord we pray for students especially in these challenging times where most of them have to work at home using the internet. Grant them wisdom, grant them patience, grant them courage in Jesus Name. 

Help them Lord to remain focus on their school work, and not to yield to temptation in doing or watching any unauthorized material on the web, especially when they are not monitored. 

We pray for students with various challenges of learning in these times, especially those with limited or no access to the internet. Let there be a way Lord, because you are indeed the way maker. Make a way out for these students that they will not be deprived of a good basic education in Jesus Name.

We remember the parents with these challenges also, help them not to be discourages, not to give up, but to look to you and trust in you. May they turn their eyes on to you, knowing that you can do all things. But most importantly, may they look to you for their salvation first and foremost, because your word says, seek ye first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness, then all other needs will come.

Father in Heaven, we pray your protection and covering over the curriculum in schools. We declare that no ungodly thoughts and ideas will creep in through the back doors. We pray that those responsible will be God-fearing and vigilant about the substance in the curriculum. 

We pull down, we dismantle and destroy every evil imagination about corrupting the minds of our children. Only what is right, good, pure, clean, uplifting, sober, just, and godly will be taught in our schools to our children in Jesus Name.

We declare that schools will resume normalcy soon, and students will be able to learn in a comfortable environment, with adequate resources for teaching and learning. 

We embrace the phrase, “Every child can learn, therefore, every child must learn.”  We declare that we will have only one level of qualification across the schools in this nation. We uproot the perception of “good school” and declare all schools will be seen as equal in all spheres of education.

Lord we declare that every institution of learning will be given equal weight of evaluation by the authorities, therefore, same quality and quantity of resources will be distributed. 

And where schools are at a disadvantage, in resources, extra help and attention will flow to equalize  and level the playing field for everyone.

We thank you for the outcome and fulfillment of all these goals and aspirations in our education system in Jesus name we pray, so let it be, and so shall it be.