Bank Of Jamaica

Prayer For The Eight Pillars Of The Nation

The reality that a society or nation’s values are shaped and governed by some key areas of influence, is the foundation for sensitizing the believers who are connected to these institutions to pray. For intercessors to cover them in prayer, to become aware and alert of their responsibility as witnesses of Jehovah who has placed them where they are in communion with other.

These eight pillars of the nation, we could have identified more, however, we believe these encompass the main areas that hold the nation together. The eight pillars are in alphabetical order:


This approach to witnessing gives new strength to the believe that the Church is called to be the salt and light in every area of life. That God’s kingdom is to impact every day life and not just life on Saturday and Sundays. God’s kingdom and power should be seen in us through the Holy Spirit in everything we say and do.

It needs to be clearly understood here that this is not dominion theology. Our objective is not to take over these institutions, but rather to impact them towards righteousness, justice and fairness in all areas of operation.

Through prayer and hard work we are called to be the head and not the tail in every one of these pillars. To humbly stand out and represent our Lord, Saviour and Redeemer, even Christ the Anointed one.   God’s wisdom is given to us to give answers and redeeming solutions to the problems of the world today. 

It is by the power and enabling of the Holy Spirit that every believer be bold and strengthened to take the kingdom of God into their workplace.

The Battle Ready Prayer

The Battle Ready Prayer is a powerful prayer to be prayed by everyone who is serious about a personal relationship with God in Christ