Jamaica For Jesus Christ Of Nazareth – Freedom Come!

Everyone wants to be FREE! But no one can be totally free! There has to be boundaries, restrictions, limitations, or conditions for operating and living your life.

Many of us fool ourselves to believe we are free since slavery was abolished in Jamaica in 1834.

The most important area in our lives we should be liberating is spiritual liberty of freedom. To be spiritually free, we become slaves to righteousness. Living to do what is right is the highest level of freedom a human being can achieve.

Jamaica for Jesus Freedom Come Ministry is about releasing the people and setting them free from spiritual bondage. Spiritual freedom can only be experienced in and through Yeshua Hamashiach.

Jamaica For Jesus Freedom Come started by the leadership at the Tarrant Baptist Church at 51 Molynes Road Kingstom 10 Jamaica.

The Radio station (TBCRadio) is the main vehicle carrying the move of God lead by the pastor Apostle Jeffery Shuttleworth.

The mission of the movement is to bring back Jamaica from the unrighteous and ungodly path, by saturating the seven pillars of the nation with prayer to honour God.

This is being accomplished by taking the nation one community at a time until the whole nation is affected, which will flow into the region and the world.

We started with a mass gathering in Half Way Tree in November 2017, where the Honorable Prime Minister lead the nation in a Prayer of repentance.

The freedom come movement continues to gather momentum and made its presence felt in different parts of the nation, like Montego Bay, May Pen, Lionel Town, Rocky Point, Spanish Town and other places where a one day saturation of prayers and declarations destroying the kingdom of darkness and establishing the Kingdom of God, the Kingdom of Light.

The movement staged its first community evangelist outreach in Port Royal (The Royal Port) from November 2018 to February 2019.

An event that should last for one week, turned out to over ten weeks of Holy Ghost revival in Port Royal.

From Port Royal the Freedom come train made the next stop in Waterhouse St Andrew. Another record time from April to June 2019.

From Waterhouse the Freedom Come Train moved over to the Sunshine City of Portmore, and the first stop was at the Climate Change Park from October 2019 to January 2020.

Freedom Come Climate Change Park Portmore November 10, 2019, Pastor Devon Johnson

The Freedom Come Gospel Train Remained in Portmore, but at a different location in Newland and Southborough Communities intersection. The Coronavirus outbreak disrupted the smooth flow, however, as a result, other outreach arms were created under God.

The first outgrowth was the Freedom Come Morning Blitz. A team of persons goes into a strategic location in a community early in the morning a proclaim the gospel message and invite persons to Christ.

Another tool to reach people is the SWOT team. This is also a group of intercessors who target communities all over the island and use portable bill boards to advertise the gospel and current events that is of serious consequence within the fulfillment of Bible prophecy.

The next big and great event was the launch of the Newspaper called “Freedom Come Rain“. The launch was on Saturday August 1, 2020, at the historic location at Emancipation Square in Spanish Town.

Posted by TBC RADIO on Saturday, August 1, 2020

What next? Only the Holy Ghost can answer that question. Let us keep on praying, believe and actively wait on the Lord for His strategic direction.