Divine-Revelations is a website I bring to you because it is packed with personal encounters and events that introduce, enhance, and propagate the Kingdom of heaven. Here is an example of what you can see in Divine-Revelations:

The Lazarus Phenomenon: The best version of Heaven and Hell

The Power of Prayer by Dr Cindy Trimm

Techniques in Spiritual Warfare

Revealing Heaven. What Heaven is like? Many amazing details revealed by Kat Kerr

A Divine Revelation of heaven and hell.  Mary K Baxter had a divine revelation of the terror of hell.

Muslims encounters with the Living God through dreams and visions. Best testimonies of Muslims encounter with Jesus Christ of Nazareth. It’s more than a dream for them.

10 amazing Christian testimonies

14 versions of MP3 audio Bible you can choose to listen at any time

How Satan stops our prayers, combat in the heavenly realm

Praying in tongues, how Satan stops Christians from receiving their prayer language.

Spiritual warfare and blessing by Dr Cindy Trimm

Deliverance from the power of darkness, the testimony of Emmanuel Eni a former witch doctor in Nigeria

Thrilling stories of former witches

God’s Generals, Great Christian Leaders. Why some succeed, why others fail?

John G. Lake Ministry – Divine Healing Technician Training Course by Curry Blake

Godly Movies like Pilgrim’s Progress; China Cry, Life of John Wesley, The Cross and the Switchblade; Charles Spurgeon; George Muller; John Wycliffe; William Tendale; John Huss – Boemian Reformer; Christian Awakening, and many more.

Sid Roth interview of Mary K Baxter who wrote a book about her divine encounter with hell that she doesn’t even want to talk about

Heaven is real. Great Christian testimonies of persons who have experienced heaven and hell

The Bible vs The Book of Mormon. Testing the book of Mormon against the Bible. Analyzing the geography, archaeology, history and geology of both books.

Jewish Testimonies – Famous Jewish Rabbi and Jewish believers who have had encounters with the Messiah, Christ the anointed one.

Bible Movies – Like The Passion of Christ; The Ten Commandments; In the Beginning; Ruth; The Story of Esther; The Book of Daniel; Jesus; and many other.

I Saw His Glory – by Pastor John Green

Free Praise and Worship Music.

The Heavens Opened by Anna Rountree

The Priestly Bride by Anna Rountree.  Heaven Awaits the Bride Part 2

Passion Of Christ Music Video

Heaven is so real – Great Testimony of seeing heaven by Choo Thomas

The Final Quest – A vision by Rick Joyner

Does God Exist – Scientific and Logical Arguments for God

Christian Cartoons for Children – Excellent alternatives for what we are getting on TV

23 Minutes in HELL – What the Bible says about hell by Bill Wiese

The War on Children – An AGENDA to Sexualize our kids

Getting Into Heaven  – by Pastor Park

Famous Jewish Rabbi – The Most Amazing Jewish Rabbi of Israel

Exorcism and Deliverance – Advanced exorcism and deliverance – Casting out demons and unclean spirits

From Witchcraft to Christ – Leaving Witchcraft to Christianity, Seeing hell and heaven – Earthquake Kelly

Overcoming in the spiritual realm – Christian overcoming in the spiritual realm.

Enter The Temple – The Tabernacle of God. Learning the Stations of Solomon’s Temple.

Gary Wood – Amazing heaven’s experience of Gary Wood.

Gospel Videos.

The Last Reformation – Beginning Movie (2016) FULL MOVIE

To Hell and Back – A study of NDE/OBE Near death experiences by Dr Rawlings

Amazing Christian Testimonies –  Several Great Christian Testimonies

Hell’s Best Kept Secret – Why do 80-90% of those who make decisions for Christ fall away from the faith?

Stories of Heaven – 8 Amazing  Testimonies

The Call – by Rick Joyner

Noah’s Ark Found – With evidence/pictures! FULL, Remastered Documentaries

Pilgrim’s Progress – by John Bunyan – From this world to that which is to come

Ark Of The Covenant Found – It is our belief that Ron Wyatt DID discover the Ark of the Covenant, just as he testified. And that God used him to reveal many of the Biblical archeological finds.

A Glimpse Of Eternity – The amazing story of Ian McCormack.

Healing Prayer – Declare yourself healed by Dr Cindy Trimm

The Body Of Christ – The vision of the body of Christ and End Time Ministry by Tommy Hick.

EE TAOW – Best example of world missions.


The CROSS – Jesus In China – The turbulent history of Christianity in China

Frank Jenner – The man from George Street – George Street Evangelist.

Soul Ties – Removing soul ties in 10 minutes. What are soul ties, and how to remove them?

Muslim Journey of Hope – A Muslim encounter with Jesus Christ.

The Big Fight – Three Days To Victory

The Gospel – by Eric Ludy

The Alpha Course – Leaning The Fundamentals Of Christianity

Biblical Foundations – Classes in Salvation; Baptism; Holy Spirit; Righteousness;

Learning The Bible in 24 Hours – With Chuck Missler

Demons and Deliverance – teaching by Lester Sumrall,

The Life Of Jesus Christ Of Nazareth – The New Jesus Film (2013) Full Movie

The Revival Hymn Video – State of the Christian church.

Fighting on the 7 Mountains – Winning the cultural war…

Introduction To Jesus – A brief introduction to Jesus, who He is, and what He does?

Escape From Hell – John Ramirez testimony – Ex-Satan worshiper, exposes the secret of witchcraft and black magic

Best CBN Testimonies

Living Waters University – A woman married the Eiffel Towers!?

The Atheist Delusion Movie – Why millions deny the obvious!

Declaration Prayer – Prophetic intercession, atomic power of prayer by Dr Cindy Trimm.

Nighttime Unified Warfare Intercession – NUWI – Advanced tactics in spiritual warfare

Understanding The 10 Commandments.

Jesus Is……

Political Issues – History, economics, science, culture, education ect.

Islam Rising – Full Documentary.

Islamization of America

Science in Scripture – Ten of the top scientific facts in the Bible.

The GOD Story – The story of God, Jesus and the Bible from creation to eternity.

Akiane Karmarik – 12 Year Old – Documentary

The Final Frontier – Life after death study, near death experiences documentary.

The Truth About Witchcraft – Stories of former witches.

The GAP Theory – Tradition vs Bible – The Age of the Earth.

Lifestyle Christianity – Full movie by Todd White

Transformation Glory – by  Gary Beaton

America’s Christian Heritage – by David Barton.

From Creation to Christ

The Life Of Jesus – In the Gospel of John

Derek Prince Ministry

Christ Birth – Death – Resurrection – Christ’s life found in ancient Chinese records.

The Case For A Creation – Full Documentary Investigating the Evidences for Jesus.

The Case For Faith – Examining some of the toughest objections to Christianity.

Leaving The GAY Lifestyle – Former homosexuals speak out.

350+ Spiritual Principles

Set Free From All The Abuse – Stories of Former Witches.

End of the Spear – Godly Movies

That’s My KING

When Jesus Showed Me HELL – Jesus Allowed me to see hell and warned the world – Hepzibah’s testimony.

Never Commit Suicide – Suicide can lead a person to hell – never do it!

The Jesus Film – The Best Full HD version complete in English

More Than A Dream – Muslim lady gives Jesus one week to show up, and He did!

1400 Years Of Jihad – The Untold Politically InCorrect History

Fractal Praise – Praising God With The Beauty of Fractal.

Mormon N.D.E – Near death experience of hell.

Victor Mark Story – When impossible is the only way out.

Understanding Intelligent Design – 100 reasons why evolution is stupid!

Avoiding Deadly Mistakes – Deadly mistakes by the people of God.

Declaration Prayer – Declaring God’s will over your life.

The Enemies Within – Could your Congressman pass an FBI security check?

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