Documentary: How the Specter of Communism Is Ruling Our World


The specter of communism did not disappear with the disintegration of the Communist Party in Eastern Europe.

The collapse of the communist regimes in the Soviet Union and Eastern Europe marked the end of a half-century-long Cold War between the capitalist and communist camps in the East and West.

Many were thus optimistic, holding the belief that communism had become a relic of the past.

The sad truth, however, is that a stealthily transformed communist ideology has instead taken hold and entrenched itself around the world.

There are the outright communist regimes like China, North Korea, Cuba, and Vietnam; there are the former Soviet Union and Eastern European countries, where communist ideology and customs still exert a significant influence; there are the African and South American countries, which attempt socialism under the banner of democracy and republicanism—and then there are the nations of Europe and North America, whose body politics have become host to communist influences, without people even realizing it.

Communism breeds war, famine, slaughter, and tyranny.

These in themselves are terrifying enough, but the damage dealt by communism goes far beyond this. It has become increasingly clear to many that, unlike any other system in history, what communism declares war on is humanity itself—including human values and human dignity.

Over the course of a century, communism established massive dictatorships in the Soviet Union and China; it caused more than 100 million unnatural deaths; it enslaved billions; and it brought the world to the brink of nuclear war and thus destruction.

Yet more important is its deliberate and widespread destruction of the family, its instigation of of social disorder, and its attack on morality, all of which are ruinous to the foundations of civilization.

What, then, is the nature of communism? What is its objective? Why does it take mankind as its enemy?

How can we escape it?

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