Best Immunotherapy Treatment

Immunotherapy  treatment is a type of biological therapy, where the immune system is positioned to help the body fight infections and diseases. It’s a principle of disease reversal by changing any negative condition existing in the body, and start your journey to a vibrant spiritual and physical immunotherapy for a new person in how you think, look and feel.


It is not only the physical body, because we are more than a body with flesh and blood. We are Body, Soul and Spirit. I should correct that order, we are first spirit, then soul, and body. We are tri-une beings (human being).

Therefore, total health is when our spirit, soul and body are healthy !!!

All disease starts in the spirit realm, as a result of acting contrary to the principles established by God. Negative conditions create chemical imbalances in your neurotransmitters (types of chemical messengers) causing them to mal-function.

We are going to do a close examination of the body defense mechanism know as the immune system. The spiritual immune system is not touted about as the natural system. However, it is equally or may even be above the physical immune system.

We all know the common principles to maintain good physical health, by consuming nutritious food and avoiding junk food. Regular exercise, drinking pure water, getting plenty of sleep, developing healthy and loving relationships!

But at the same time the majority seems to be sick, obese, and suffering from substandard health. Because good physical health does not happen by just wishing it, you have to be disciplined in your mind, your routine and practice.

The same is true for the way most Christians approach spiritual health. To keep their spiritual immune systems in top shape require both mental and physical effort. Most of us, if not all know what to do; we just cannot find the disciplined time to put it in action and reap the benefits.

The disciplines of physical and spiritual exercise are equally challenging, and the results of inaction and apathy equally life-threatening. So let us examine some basic tenets of the Spirit-man and let the Holy Spirit speak to you about boosting your own spiritual immune system.

Reading And Studying The Bible: 

Study to shew thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth. But shun profane and vain babblings: for they will increase unto more ungodliness.” (2 Timothy 2:15).

If your spiritual immune system is going to be strong, knowing the Word of God is not an option, it’s a must! When you choose to ingest a regular diet of God’s Word, you build a spiritual immunity that provides vitality in the midst of life’s challenging circumstances leading to a vibrant spiritual and physical immunotherapy for better health and vitality.

We must develop and desire a strong and healthy appetite for God’s Word.

 “Like newborn babies, crave pure spiritual milk, so that by it you may grow up in your salvation,” (1Peter 2:2).

God’s Word when consumed daily behave like medicine, it promote good health and at the same time reduce ill health. “A happy heart is good medicine and a joyful mind causes healing, But a broken spirit dries up the bones” (Proverbs 17:22). And biologically, all immune and blood cells originate and develop  in the bone marrow.

The role of the mind (brain) and spirit are inextricably link to a healthy immune system. Negative thoughts, emotional stress and ultimately behaviour, can adversely affect the functioning of your immunity.

Negative thoughts can lower your resistance to infections and make you more susceptible to sickness caused by bacteria, viruses, fungi and other micro-organism.

Research done at the University School of Rochester shows overwhelming evidence that hormones and neurotransmitters can influence the activities of the immune system, and that products of the immune system influence the brain. [1]

According to Psalm 119, God’s Word is the most effective source for building your spiritual immune system.  May I encourage you to examine it and list all of the benefits of “tasting and seeing that the Lord is good” (Ps. 34.8).

We should make  special effort to feed our mind with positive news.

In a similar way we consume daily food, in like manner, we should eat the Word of God every day. In fact ingesting the Word should become our number one priority. To the extent that we fast, laying aside the physical food and feed on the Word. “Man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that comes from the mouth of God.” (Matt. 4:4). [2]

Fasting and Prayer- Essential for Immune Boosting: 

In recent times, fasting has become popular for its health benefits alone, but when also observed as a spiritual discipline, it can unlock far more possibilities than can be imagined.

Fasting is the most mind transforming and life enriching of the spiritual disciplines, and its intersection of the physical and the metaphysical produces uniquely potent, perceptible, senses-arousing effects that bridge the often too-wide gap between body and soul.

Prayer and fasting usually go hand in gloves.

Fasting and prayer will deepen our relationship with God and when we willingly give up food to spend time with God, we will develop a deeper intimacy with Him, and start a vibrant spiritual and physical immunotherapy for a new lifestyle. It is a spiritual discipline with benefits that cannot be compared.

Fasting is voluntarily abstaining from something for a limited amount of time; it’s not fasting if you plan on giving up the thing for good, though at the end of a fast, you may decide not to reincorporate it back into your life. Depending on what is being fasted from, fasts can last from days to weeks.

Some people will fast from all solid food, but allow themselves to drink juice. Others will fast from certain kinds of food; Basically there are three types of fast:

1 – Partial fast is to abstain from solid food only. You may still consume liquid like juice and water.
2 – Normal fast is the decision to have only water during the period set aside for fasting.
3 – Absolute fast is abstaining from everything, both food and liquid, including water.

You can also fast from non-nutritive things, like technology or certain behavioral habits.

Fasting has gotten a lot of attention in recent years for the advantages it offers to physical health. Much research on the subject is still relatively new.

Some findings show that fasting may help you lose weight, normalize insulin levels, boost the immune system, increase human growth hormone, spur cell regeneration, and extend longevity.

In giving your body a break from processing food, stored fats are fed upon and cells get a chance to go into repair mode, causing old and damaged ones to be destroyed and new cells are generated.

“It doesn’t have to be either/or . . ..  

It can and should be both, because we are not just bodies and we are not just spirits. We are embodied spirits. Enspirited flesh. What is good for me physically is good for me. And what is good for me spiritually is good for me. There’s only one ‘me’ to which it all comes back.”[3]

Fasting is a great time to remember the spiritual connection we have to our physical bodies, that we are spirit first. Put another way, we are spirit with a soul in a body. Without the toxins we put in our bodies, we not only give our bodies a break from the digestive process, but we also allow our spirits to be detoxed.

By fasting and prayer, we meditate, cleanse the soul and makes it new, so we can receive the power of the Holy Spirit and become empowered to live for Christ in a new way. Fasting is a faith-move, an expectation we have that God will fill us with His Holy Spirit, just as He promised.

For you to get the spiritual benefits of fasting, you will have to intentionally approach it with a spiritual mindset. If you fast with spiritual aims, you’ll still automatically receive the physical benefits; but if you fast without spiritual intentions, the effects will extend only to the body, without significantly affecting your spirit.

There are also spiritual breakthrough and benefits we often reap that were not bargain for.  When we detox the spirit and become consumed with desire and praise for God, we become more sensitive to God’s voice.

When God speaks to us in the midst of chaos, we’ll still be able to pick out His voice and know what He wants us to do because we have trained our ear to hear Him through fasting and prayer.

Like Yeshua said to His disciples, “I have food to eat that you know nothing about….My food is to do the will of Him who sent me and to finish His work.”

Physical food never fully satisfies; in a few hours, you’ll need to eat again. But when you are fed from doing the work of the Lord, you will find a new satisfaction like you’ve never experienced before.

Specialized Areas Of The Immune System: 

The Immune system is a complex network of specialized cells, tissues, and organs that recognize and defend the body against foreign non-self substances, chief among those are disease-causing microorganisms such as viruses, bacteria, and parasites. Knowing how to control a vibrant spiritual and physical immunotherapy will improve immune function.

The essential parts of this complex system in the body include the bone marrow, spleen, thymus, tonsils, mucous membranes, and skin.

Organs of the immune system
Organs of the immune system and immune response

Examples of some specialized cells are Granulocytes, macrophages, and T lymphocytes. The lymphatic vessels of the immune system carry immune cells, which converge in lymph nodes found throughout the body.

An underactive immune system is functioning below standard and makes people vulnerable to infections.

The overactive immune system results in autoimmune diseases.  Autoimmune diseases, sometimes called inflammatory diseases, are caused by an out-of-balance overactive system. For example, an overactive immune system attacks the joints of the body, resulting in rheumatoid arthritis.

A friend once gave another friend some good advice, who was a professional chemist. He said, never let your family eat anything created in a laboratory.  Let’s put it another way, eat only foods that is harvested from a plant. Never eat anything that is manufactured in a plant.

The reason I bring that up is because we are trying to recreate what God created and called good through science, and don’t get me wrong, science has done some amazing things. But it’s also set us on a path where we substitute things created by man for what was created by God.

What if I told you that almost all disease begins with the very decisions that we make every single day. That it’s not just random happenstance based purely on our genetic makeup or family histories.

What if I told you that there are millions of people suffering a health crisis, epidemic right now, totally unnecessarily.

Many of whom have been told by their physicians that the origin of their disease has no known cause and cannot be cured. They labeled hereditary or anomalous, or perhaps their genetics are blamed.

Various diagnoses are made and then almost without fail, medications that ignore the actual underlying root cause of the disease, begin to mask or even worse. And symptoms all the while creating new additional health challenges that only further the devastating reality that one’s life is slowly being taken over by illness.

The world’s leading holistic doctors and scientists now believe that more than 80% of Americans, whether they’re experiencing symptoms yet or not, carry underlying medical conditions which will likely eventually present themselves in the form of cancer, heart disease, diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis, fibromyalgia, depression, hormonal or psychological imbalances, anxiety, lupus, psoriasis, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s disease.

Vision disturbance, glaucoma, hypertension, migraines, food allergies, ulcerative colitis, Crohn’s disease, irritable bowel syndrome, diverticulitis,  diverticulosis, colon itis, irritable bowel syndrome, chronic non bacterial prostatitis, painful bladder syndrome, epididymitis, inflamed prostate, eosinophils,  esophagitis.

Meningitis, sinusitis, macular degeneration, stroke, candidiasis, tooth abscess, goiter, lymphoma, tonsillitis, bronchitis.

GERD which is gastro esophageal reflux disease, testosterone, pneumonia, swollen lymph nodes, gall stones, hernia, appendicitis, gastric erosion, endometriosis, osteoporosis, carpal tunnel syndrome, osteoarthritis, and many many other autoimmune or inflammatory diseases.

What if I told you it didn’t have to be that way; what if I told you that the real underlying reason behind this staggering generational escalation of disease was simply a lack of information, which is clearly defined in the laws of God.

Take form example allergies, most people with allergies do not think of themselves as having a chronic disease. Allergies are a serious immune dysfunction disease. Chronic allergic reactions tax the body and the immune system, making one much more susceptible to infections and other diseases.

Healthy people do not have allergies.

Every allergic reaction does long-term damage to the body. Allergies reduce overall quality of life and ultimately reduce longevity.

These are information that many of us have totally unaware of or abandoned whether we’re aware of it or not. I’m going to present the most hopeful scientific breakthrough revelations in what I believe could help millions of people find freedom from the bondages of disease, and even genetic challenges such as MTHFR.

MTHFR stands for methylenetetrahydrofolate reductase. It’s becoming more popular due to a genetic mutation that may lead to high levels of homocysteine in the blood and low levels of folate and other vitamins.

Good health does not come in the form of some magic supplement, or some silver bullet or one-size-fits-all protocol. It comes through a vibrant spiritual and physical immunotherapy for your mind and body.

God has created a defense system of our entire body to protect and keep us healthy.

From systems and organs, to single cells and proteins. The largest organ of the immune system is the skin.  The outer and inner surfaces of the body are the first barriers against pathogens (germs).

The primary organs and purpose of the immune system are the skin and all mucous membranes forming a kind of mechanical protective wall. The primary lymphoid organs are the bone marrow and thymus gland, where defense cells called Lymphocytes are produced.

The secondary lymphatic organs are the lymph nodes, the spleen, the tonsils and other specialized tissues in the mucous membranes of the bowel. These are places where the defense cells do their actual work.  In these places, the defense cells have constant contact with non-self substances and pathogens. 

Most defense cells are produced and then multiply in the bone marrow. They then migrate from there into the bloodstream and reach other organs and tissues, where the defense cells mature and specialize. The T lymphocytes, or T cells for short (T stands for thymus), among other things, are responsible for coordinating the innate and the adaptive immune system.

T cells move through the body and constantly watch the surfaces of all cells for changes that are not normal. When coming into contact with a non-self body (antigen), T cells turn into so-called T effector cells, which trigger and regulate different defense reactions.

This type of cells includes T killer cells, which can destroy cells infected with a pathogen. T helper cells are another kind of effector cells, which support other immune cells in doing their work.

Lymph nodes work like biological filter stations.  They filter and clean the lymph fluid (lymph) on its way to the larger lymph vessels. They contain different defense cells, which trap pathogens and activate the production of specific antibodies in the blood.

The lymph finally travels to a vein called the superior vena cava, where it enters the blood stream.

If lymph nodes become swollen, painful or hard, it can be a sign of an active defense reaction, for example in an infection or, in rare cases, in malignant changes of the body’s own cells.

The Spleen has a variety of tasks in the defense system. It acts like a large lymph node, helping to maintain a healthy immune system and cleaning the blood of foreign matter.

The spleen stores red blood cells, platelets (thrombocytes), which are responsible for blood clotting, and infection-fighting white blood cells. For example, it stores different defense cells that are released into the blood to get to the organs, if needed: macrophages, also called scavenger cells, can attack non-self substances and pathogens directly.

There is always a lot of blood flowing through the spleen tissue. Its main function is to act as a filter for the blood. It is responsible for recognizing and removing old, malformed, or damaged red blood cells. (erythrocytes).

The tonsils are specially position at the throat and palate. Their tissues contain mainly lymphocytes with main function to trap germs (bacteria and viruses) which we may breathe in.

Proteins called antibodies produced by the immune cells in the tonsils help to kill germs and help to prevent throat and lung infections.

The Stomach and Bowel or Abdomen: There is acid in the stomach that kills many bacteria soon after they enter the body. We also have beneficial (good) bacteria in our gut or intestines that kill harmful bacteria.

This area of the body is the largest and most important area of the immune system, where a vibrant spiritual and physical immunotherapy for a new gut health will improve. Eighty percent (80%) of the immune system is situated in the gut.

The bowels play a central role in defending the body against pathogens: More than half of all cells that produce antibodies are found in the intestines wall, especially in the last part of the small intestine and in the appendix.

These cells recognize pathogens and other non-self substances, and mark and destroy them.

As a result of these actions, they store information on all non-self substances to be able to react faster the next time.

The large intestine (colon and rectum), also always contains bacteria that belong to the body, the so-called gut flora or (good bacteria). These bacteria in the large intestine make it difficult for other pathogens to settle and to enter the body.

How to Manage The Cancerous Cells in Our Body: 

Every single one of us has cancerous cells in our bodies. The reason we don’t all develop this dreadful and dreaded disease is because the immune system destroys these renegade cells before they can get out of control.

As long as the immune system is working the way it was designed by the creator, we have no reason to be concerned about cancer. All we need to do is, ensure we are doing the basics regularly, that is, eating a healthy diet, getting regular exercise, reducing stress, getting adequate and quality rest.

That’s on the positive side. On the negative, you should avoid those things that promote cancer, such as smoking, fast food diet, and consuming heat-damaged vegetable oils.

“Processed vegetable oils depress the immune system and create free radicals that can promote cancer”[5]. Depressed immunity will prevent a vibrant spiritual and physical immunotherapy from creating a new you.

It is a scientific fact that eating a healthy diet will cause your cells, organs and systems to function as they should, and enhance strong immunity.  Another way of protection in your body, from infections, your brain and your immune system must constantly be in dialogue.

The brain sends information to the immune system by producing certain types of chemical messengers called  neuropeptides.

That information is delivered to immune cells through sites on cell membranes. This messaging process happens on a large scale, allowing your brain to deliver information to immune cells around the body.

In response, the immune cells respond by creating new chemical messengers, sending back information to the brain. This process creates a constant feedback or link loop between the brain and the immune system.

Studies have shown that the psychologically depressed immunity can lead to cancer. In a 1998 study with a group of women published in the Journal of the National Cancer Institute, shows that women who experienced long-term depression were almost ninety percent (90%) more likely to develop cancer than their upbeat counterparts. [1]

Another thing you can do to strengthen your immune system is to eat coconut every day, and use the oil to cook. Consuming coconut oil, especially in place of most other oils, can greatly reduce your chance of developing cancer.

When the immune system is under stress, it is unable to effectively clean out cancerous cells. When this happens, cancerous cells can grow and spread without restraint.

If the germs in the atmosphere is not excessive to cause trouble, white blood cells are free to seek out and destroy cancerous cells. In this manner, coconut oil helps the body in defending itself against germs by allowing the white blood cells to focus their attention on cleaning out toxins and cancerous cells.

Therefore, a major benefit of consuming coconut oil in the fight against cancer is to reduce stress on the immune system, which in turn allows the white blood cells to function more efficiently so that cancerous cells don’t have a chance to run freely. [5]

Immunotherapy And Disease Reversal 

I start by quoting one of my online mentors who said: “We are healthy by design, but sick by default.” Dr Wayne Pickering. In other words, we were created to live and operate a healthy life, but something went wrong along the way, and change the path to health and happiness.

One of the objective of this article is to show you where we have diverted from the healthy zone, by using our teeth to dig our own grave, and using our tongue as the shovel.

In order to get  back on track in living healthy, happy and wise, is first and foremost STOP what ever we are doing to contribute and make our lives miserably unhealthy. Putting in motion a vibrant spiritual and physical immunotherapy will reverse all diseases in your body.

Half of the solution towards disease reversal is to cease and desist from everything negatively affecting our health. The other half consist of cleansing our system of all the toxins and poisons that have accumulated over the years.

Remembering that we are spirit being with a soul in a body. Everything we do or experience affect our spirit, therefore, we must feed our spirit properly in order to bear the right kind of fruits.

STOP giving place to fear, anxiety, worry, unbeliefs, and every other negative vices produced fruits that are poisoning our lives. Most of the negative experiences are fear-based, which should be corrected with fruit of the Spirit.

We must find promises from God to counteract any fear we are facing. “For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind.” (2Timothy 1:7). Fear is spirit, and it’s not from God.

God promised to be with us through thick and thin, never to leave us alone: “Fear thou not; for I am with thee: be not dismayed; for I am thy God: I will strengthen thee; yea, I will help thee; yea, I will uphold thee with the right hand of my righteousness.” (Isaiah 41:10).

Anything that brings fear is also gonna carry stress along, they are two destructive companions. If you have no fear you will have little or no stress.

The first step is to stop the wrong things entering your spirit and soul.

The next step is STOP all the wrong thing entering our body. Not all these foods are necessarily wrong, however, if our goal is to reverse all negative reactions diseases and live disease free, this is what you should do:

STOP eating all animal flesh, stop eating all dairy products, all processed foods, and all GMO foods.

How to stop what’s wrong for your health?

Whether it is difficult or easy, it depends on you! Your desire for a vibrant spiritual and physical immunotherapy will put you on track for perfect healthy living.

For most persons, it’s more on the difficult side. Because it is a disciplined decisive choice the individual has to make.

Most people never make that switch until they pass through a health crisis, that wake them up. That is also my personal experience as well.

Once you stop doing the wrong things, then it’s time for cleansing your body.

Straight off the bat, you start the cleansing process by drinking 8-12 cups of water a day.

Drinking enough water will flush the toxins and waste from your body. Without water, the contents of your colon can dry out and get stuck, eventually causing constipation.

Water is also important for kidneys’ proper functioning. Our kidney is a unique filtering system, depending upon water in order for it to work. The kidneys remove waste products from the blood, eliminate toxic substances in the urine, and receive water-soluble toxins from the liver for processing.

The kidneys filter huge amounts of blood each day and in doing so maintain the body’s water balance and excrete toxins and excess fluid through the bladder.

Drinking adequate amount of water daily is essential for our bodies to function efficiently.

The next thing I would suggest in regards to cleansing, is actually fasting, which I addressed earlier under Prayer and Fasting.

By giving the body a metabolic break, where it’s not constantly trying to digest food, allows it to turn its energy towards other things which are healing, and cleaning up the body. And there’s a whole lot of data, and hopefully we can do a program to really look into more depth about the topic of fasting.

But suffice it to say that to refrain from eating and drinking, is an act of worship that is good for your spirit, soul and body.

It brings a new sense of satisfaction.

When you complete your fasting, you feel renewed and full of energy. You also detox your body and mind, with a new desire, a new praise and a sensitivity to God’s voice.

You’ll find that the absence of food was small in comparison to what you gained.

Cleansing the body results in effectively removing all defective, deficient, diseased, dead and decayed cells from the body, mind and spirit.

Rebounding – The Best Form Of Exercise For Immunotherapy: 

But first out of the blocks, what is rebounding exercise? Rebounding is an aerobic exercise performed on a mini trampoline,  bouncing around like a child, because it’s fun and it feels good!

Bouncing on a mini trampoline has amazing all-over toning and body-renewing health benefits by the vibrant spiritual and physical immunotherapy for a new look and feel.

Spending 15 to 20 minutes a day on a rebounder will help you tone and firm your body in just six weeks. ‘The reason it’s so effective is because your body feels an increased gravitational (G) force at the bottom of the bounce.

By subjecting each of the sixty trillion cells in your body to greater gravitation pull (G force), waste products are squeezed out and nutrition drawn in.

The cells grow stronger, healthier and function more efficiently. Regular exposure to this form of exercise places your entire metabolism at the healthiest plateau of activity.

What is even more powerful, cell walls grow stronger from each cell demanding more protein from the body.

The thicker cell walls packed with protein, are in a better position to hold off foreign invaders, toxins, poisons, and other pollutants more effectively. They keep the cellular protoplasm protected and functioning optimally.

There is an overall improvement of body function: the blood, the brain, the lungs, all of the internal organs, those of the senses, the muscles, and more. You look better, feel better, think better, with an overall sense of greater well-being.

It’s gentle on the joints and allows you to perform a cardio workout without putting too much pressure on your body. It’s a great and fun way to work out and get into shape. The beauty about rebounding is anyone can do it, from a little children to older adults, there’s no age limit providing you are in a position to independently move about.

Mini-trampoline rebounding is a great exercise for the body and the mind. It offer  benefits both physically and mentally.  It’s mental performance and hand-eye coordination are examples of jumping for your health.

Jumping for your health is not just movement of the human skeleton with its various muscular attachments.  It affects every cell in our body, increasing cell energy and oxygen levels throughout the whole body.

Bouncing up and down on a mini trampoline can have some health transformational and mind renewing results. Not only is it an amazing workout, it’s also a great way to flush out toxins that are stored within the body. (More on that later).

Rebounding is different from other forms of recreational activities, because it puts gravity to work in your favour.  There are new discoveries being made in this area of “Reboundology“.

“The study of Reboundology is the study of the effects of the combination of rebound exercise, proper nutrition, and proper mental attitude on the human body.”[1]

But what have been proven so far, applying rebound exercise will help you to increase your span of vision. It can improve your educational capabilities, stabilize your balance and coordination,  rid yourself of addictions, slow down the aging process, reduce the incidence of stress from your life, and do numerous other good things to your life.

Every good thing is about improved health, which include keeping away heart attack and cancer.  There is so much to gain from a regular daily rebounding. Speaking of avoiding heart attack, by bouncing up and down on the rebound device, your heart becomes stronger even without increasing its heart rate!


Because as you come down on the rebounding unit, you put greater gravitational force on the heart muscle. Any muscle automatically adjusts to its environment; in this case, the heart muscle fibers grow in strength. Not only that, all of the muscle layers within arterial walls grow stronger too.

Rebounding is one of the best forms of exercise that has an effect on the lymphatic system. It activates a vibrant spiritual and physical immunotherapy for total body detoxification.

Since the veins and lymphatic vessels contain one-way valves comprising a hydraulic pressure system, any up-and-down motion repeatedly opens and closes these valves.

This cause a natural pumping action to ensue, resulting in an improved blood circulation of the entire system, and the waste removal system in the body takes place. As a fringe benefit, the cause of varicose veins is eliminated; they tend to just fade away, amazing!

There are three ways to activate and speed up the flow of lymph away from the tissues it serves and back into the main pulmonary circulation.

These are the three activities that lymphatic flow requires:
1 Muscular contraction from exercise and movement
2 Gravitational pressure
3 Internal massage to the valves of the lymph ducts.

Rebound exercise does supply all three for anybody interested in moving waste products out of the cells and out of the body. Cellular cleansing takes place quite well from this instant aerobic movement.

How Does This Lymphatic Drainage System Works? 

Rebound exercise aerobic movement provides the stimulus for a free-flowing lymphatic drainage system. You could describe the lymphatic drainage system as the metabolic garbage can of the body.

Because it takes control of all the waste substances of the body. It rids the body of all these: toxins, fatigue substances, pathogenic bacteria, foreign substances, dead cells, cancer cells, nitrogenous wastes, trapped protein, fatty globules, infectious viruses, heavy metals, and other assorted junk the cells cast off.

It is absolutely essential to remove these components from the cells derived from metabolic breakdown (catabolism), because their removal takes away potential poisonings which leads to ill health.

If a person remain inactive for a long period of time, the lymph will not flow, thus inhibiting a vibrant spiritual and physical immunotherapy in the system.

I wonder if you are believing and receiving this revolutionary life-changing exercise technique! We are not exaggerating, only the truth. Rebounding aerobics is nothing more than a physiological change within the body that promotes a healthier condition from an inferior state of wellness.

This change is the body’s way of adapting to its new improved condition, achieved through increased activity and assisted by gravity.

Adaptation includes various signs of good health such as greater muscular strength, endurance, flexibility, and a reduction in the resting heart rate, blood pressure, and body fat.

You can raise your level of fitness by eating more organically grown food and applying the techniques of rebound exercise.

The one thing in common about all exercise is the opposition of the human body to the gravitation pull of the earth. Rebounding presents the gravitational forces of acceleration and deceleration with greater competency than any other movement.

That’s the secret, it uses vertical motion, while other exercise movement employs horizontal motion.

At the bottom of every bounce, the three forces of acceleration, deceleration and gravity come together to give you an exercise with singular power to produce a designed effect.

The result of all that is a total physiological enhancement of all cells, tissues, organs, and systems of the body.


How to Boost Immunity and Fight Coronavirus:

Eliminating Stress 

The next thing I’d like to talk about is stress.

Stress is easily the thing that drops immunity faster than any other thing. For a thousand reasons, it’s like whenever we get stressed the body can’t interpret stressors.

It really doesn’t know much of a difference between, I can’t pay my bills or if I’m being killed by a bear.

So the body shuts down memory. You don’t need to fight a cold like you need to fight a bear, like it’s telling you, and burning through your B6 reserves. (B6, – pyridoxine,- is a water-soluble vitamin that the body needs for the metabolism of protein, fat and carbohydrate, and the creation of red blood cells and neurotransmitters.)

It’s like thousands of things are taking place when you are stressed, confusing and hindering a vibrant spiritual and physical immunotherapy for your body.

It’s telling you, you don’t need to digest food, you don’t need to eliminate waste.

Stress shuts down everything concerning immunity.

So with that in mind the first thing I would say is, mindfulness, be aware. If you find yourself being stressed, realize, oh, I’m getting stressed!

I need to step back and just take a moment, and realize that my legs are not on fire.

I’m not literally in dire jeopardy, so that right there does wonderful things for helping us reset our mind, and not put you in a kind of worry and anxiety, which suppress our immunity through that mechanism.

Now let’s segway into foods that can reduce stress and strengthen immunity.

You can make several lifestyle changes to help manage your anxiety and stress; and eating a diet rich in vegetables, fruit, legumes, and whole grains, can be helpful.

How To Boost Your Immune System

It really matters what we do in our daily lives and lifestyles, that is what mostly lifts up our immunity.

But there are other things, and a lot of that is to do with proper nourishment, and managing stress.

If you’re consuming organic vegetables, roots, and herbs, believe me some of those are some powerful superfoods.  If you’re eating fermented foods, taking probiotics, raw organic cheese, you are building a powerful immunity.

Immune boosting foods
Immunotherapy: Foods for strong immune system

Most people don’t know that the ecology of the digestive tract is the main environment of our immune system.

80% of our immune system resides in our gut.

So there is a lot that we can do even in the short term. But we also want to think long term, because when we do these things that I’m going to suggest in the short term, that is really the daily activities.

The fact that we sit under LED lights, the fact that we don’t get enough sunshine, the fact that we don’t get enough vitamins and minerals, the fact that we don’t get sufficient quality sleep, the fact that we don’t get enough movement exercise……

The first place to start with this is in lifestyle choices, like a vibrant spiritual and physical immunotherapy for your digestive system.

These are three main areas of your life and lifestyle choices you should be emphasizing and pointing your focus:

1. Boost your immune system with some of natures most powerful superfoods, loaded with vitamins and minerals.

2. Reducing stress through balance hormones, already within normal range and reduce yourself from frustrations and anxiety.

3. Increase mental clarity by providing your body with healthy nutrients such as the electrolytes in coconut water, to boost your brain power, and enjoy incredible energy level and better focus.

4.Detoxify  your body by flushing out the toxins to rejuvenate your skin for a glowing, healthier, younger looking YOU!

Another way to boost your Immune System is to reduce stress or live a stress-free lifestyle. 

Immune Boosting Foods: 

I stated earlier in this article that the gut, or the bowel or the intestine (all three names referring to the same organ), is the largest and most essential area of the immune system.

These gastrointestinal tracts are home to over five hundred species of bacteria. Some are beneficial and some are harmful to our health. These are microbial “partners”, and so we rely on them for a number of important factors.

Some of the functions of helpful bacteria in the gut are the metabolism of carbohydrate, synthesizing of amino acid and vitamin K, and the processing of various nutrients. [6]

One good source of beneficial bacteria is yogurt, which has the ability to inhibit harmful bacteria. It has strong anticancer properties, and very effective to lower LDL “bad” cholesterol – Low-Density Lipoprotein.

The most important benefit of the probiotics in yogurt is its ability to strengthen the immune system which enables the body to fight off infections. Especially in this era of SARS-COV-2 Coronavirus pandemic, the value of boosting your immune system becomes a life priority.

The bottom line is this, an efficiently functioning digestive system is critical to good health. Our ability to absorb the nutrients from the food we eat daily, all depends on our gut health.

If our digestive ability is impaired, even if we eat the most nutritious foods on earth, we will not benefit from those foods.

As we age, our digestive ability is often reduced, which is even more reasons to include yogurt in our diet as a superfood that will promote and help maintain gut health.

Zinc is crucial for preserving a healthy immune system, and  these fruits are rich sources: avocados, blackberries, pomegranates, raspberries, guavas, cantaloupes, apricots, peaches, kiwifruit, and blueberries.

Zinc is a remarkable trace mineral that is present in all tissues of the body. 

This mineral also helps to promote the healing of wounds and for normal cell division.[7]

Sweet potatoes have three ingredients to help make your immune system more powerful: Vitamin B6, Vitamin A, and Vitamin C. Sweet potatoes have beta carotene which turns into vitamin A in your body.

Here is the power punch, vitamin A enables you to make more antibodies and lymphocytes, the disease-fighting cells so your immune system can be better positioned to fight off everything going around.

Vitamin D is one of the essential nutrients that many people don’t give enough attention. It’s an essential nutrient for health, including to facilitate normal immune system function. 

Some major health organizations are advising us to ensure we get enough vitamin D, from the sun or supplements, to be on the safe side of coronavirus. The Scientific Advisory Commission on Nutrition, the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence, and the Royal Society all published reports about the coronavirus and vitamin D.

They have shown that vitamin D can help our immune system develop a healthy response, making us less susceptible to allergies. Most populations around the world do not get enough vitamin D for several reasons, including not spending enough time in the sunlight.

One of the primary functions of vitamin D is to regulate the amount of calcium and phosphate in the body. These nutrients are necessary for healthy bones, teeth and muscles.  A lack of vitamin D can lead to the deformities of bones such as rickets in children, and cause bone pain in adults, a condition called osteomalacia, or fragile bones called osteoporosis.

Vitamin D is fat-soluble vitamin, sometimes called the “sunshine vitamin” because it’s produced by your body in direct contact with the sunlight.  It’s from a family of compounds that includes vitamins D-1, D-2, and D-3. 

Vitamin D deficiency can come through many factors. Your inability to get sufficient amounts from the sun is one factor. Other factors include:

  • Live or work in an area where the pollution is high
  • Regular use of sunscreen
  • Spending the majority of your time indoors
  • Living in big cities where buildings block sunlight
  • Living in climates where there is infrequent sunshine
  • Having darker skin. (The higher the levels of melanin, the less vitamin D the skin can absorb.)

These factors contribute to vitamin D deficiency in an increasing number of people. That’s why it’s important to get some of your vitamin D by supplementing your diet form recommending and proven sources.

Vitamin B6 help to make your immune system more powerful, therefore conversely, a deficiency in this vitamin lowers immunity, and rob you of a vibrant spiritual and physical immunotherapy for a powerful immune function.

Don’t you forget the importance of vitamin C; it help to block viruses  and support the immune system. In addition, your bacteria-fighting white blood cells depend on this vitamin, so eat plenty of high vitamin C foods like sweet potatoes, citrus fruits and bell peppers.

Today millions of people around the world take Ginseng, including some of the most prominent aging and longevity researchers. This is because Ginseng is suppose to strengthen all the organs in the body, making them resistant to disease.

Ginseng has been given credit for curing almost every kind of illness affecting man, from cancer to impotence. Increasing studies are suggesting that Ginseng’s anti-cancer properties may be due to its effect on the immune system.

Ginseng enhances your immune system by stimulating the production of T lymphocytes and natural killer cells, which enable your body fight infections.

The amino acid called Glutathione is involved in important synthesizing activities. For example, it helps to build proteins and DNA, the holder of your genetic code and is found in every cell in your body.

In addition, it assist in metabolism, fight free radicals, help to maintain the healthy state of red blood cells,  and protects the cells from damages from substances like smoking, drug use, and pollution.

Our naturally built-in immune system attacks foreign non-self substances like bacteria and viruses

As we age, this system tends to reduce its power to fight off attackers.  At the same time, fewer T cells are produced, and the fewer become less effective.

One reason for this degeneration is that the cells of your immune system are very enticing to free radicals because they have a high level of fat content, and free radical love to oxidize fat.

After years of free radical damage, your immune system cells simply cannot continue to do the job as they usually do. But Glutathione in its role as an antioxidant, help to reduce the damage caused by free radicals.

New studies are also showing that Glutathione assist your body to make more disease-fighting white blood cells and help these cells to produce more power.

Another mineral that helps the aging immune system is Selenium.

A study done at the University of Arizona shows that older folks supplementing their diet with selenium and beta carotene improved their immune function.[8]

And pairing your selenium with vitamin E enables your body to produce more glutathione, which in turn boosts the efficiency of your immune system and reduce your risk of infection and cancer.

Immune Destroying Foods: 

There are many things I could identify as dangerous and damaging to your immune system resulting in infections and diseases. For example, to reverse disease causing agents, you should come off all flesh foods, all dairy products, and all processed and GMO foods.

However, there is one food that can wreak so much havoc on your health, it far outweighs every thing else that works against a vibrant spiritual and physical immunotherapy for a new health experience.

I am speaking of the danger of SUGAR!

We are so familiar with sugar that we do not think of it as a serious health threat. Sugar in small amount can be detrimental. If you consume sugar three times a day, (as most people do), it’s putting your body in chaos all day, every day.

In this state of chaos your body constantly tries to restore its balance but never quite succeeds. Sugar is so damaging to body chemistry that a study calls  refined sugar “a deadly, virulent poison.” (page 90 [1]).

All calories from sugar are empty calories, with none of the nutrients that the cells need so desperately. Worse than that, eating sugar drains nutrients from your body, it’s an antinutrient.

There are certain nutrients present in raw sugarcane (but not in refined sugar); which are needed for you to metabolize the sugar. Your body have to obtain these nutrients from somewhere. Because they are not in the sugar, they are robbed from your own tissues, and as a result depleting your health.

The consumption of sugar contributes to more than the obvious health problems like diabetes, tooth decay, but also to heart disease, osteoporosis, and immune dysfunction. If you want to beat the flu season or overcome the coronavirus successfully, eliminate sugar from your diet.

Eating sugar causes calcium to be lost in the urine, forcing the body to remove calcium from the bones in order to keep the blood calcium levels within normal limits.

Therefore, osteoporosis is caused by taking calcium out of the bones.

People concerned about or already suffering from osteoporosis, should cut sugar form their diet.

Consuming sugar causes deficiencies of a number of minerals, such as calcium, chromium, magnesium, and zinc.

And when you do not have enough minerals, your body has difficulty producing sufficient digestive enzymes needed for good digestion.

As a result, undigested food particles can enter into your bloodstream, causing serious problems such as allergies and immune-deficiency diseases. That’s the reason why foods consumed with sugar such as milk, corn, wheat and eggs, become the most common allergens.

If you enjoy your foods and do not want to become allergic to them, practice to avoid combing them with sugar.

Sugar damages the cells of the immune system, causing us to become susceptible to colds, flues, viruses and other immune-related diseases.

Sugar also causes a calcium/phosphorus imbalance, which makes the body less capable to break down proteins into the amino acids that are required to make essential chemicals for the biological functions of the body. [1]

I cannot over-emphasize that eating refined sugar is destructive to your health because it causes vitamins, minerals, and hormones to become imbalanced, which throws your body into biochemical chaos for several hours.

If you consume sugar in every meal, that biochemical chaos continues through out the day into the night.

The body then, desperately scrambling to right itself, deplete itself of vital nutrients.  The most important health advice and dietary recommendation I can give you is to cut as much sugar, and food made with sugar, from your diet.

Children who consume sugar all day, become sitting ducks for infections and future problems such as diabetes, osteoporosis, cancer, arthritis, and heart disease.

Eating sugar is accelerating death by installment!

Data shows that eating  and consuming more sugar throughout the day is linked with lighter, less restorative sleep at night.

Adequate Rest for Revival and Restoration: 

Not just sleep but adequate and quality rest is critical for building new cells, repairing damaged ones and replenishing cellular energy levels.

We are so busy with the constant call of life’s duties, sleep is often pushed aside for more pressing needs to accomplish.

A study done by the National Sleep Foundation found that 64% of the adult population does not get the recommended eight hour per night sleep.  And 32% sleep less than six hours.

Sometimes people believe that they can accomplish more by sleeping less.

That’s a deception!

When you are deprived of sleep, you become less productive, and unlikely to develop a vibrant spiritual and physical immunotherapy for cell restoration.

Even more crucial here, because the body repairs and rejuvenates itself during sleep, lack of it will invite sickness and injury.

Being deprived of adequate sleep for even a few nights, will dull the brain, lower energy levels, increase irritability and depression, making you more accident-prone.

Lack of sleep contributes to cellular mal-function and disease. For example, a potentially harmful hormone called cortisol, increases in the brain of an under-rested person.  High cortisol levels can damage cells in the brain that control learning and memory.

To compensate for the shortfall, people use coffee, sugar and other stimulants, which only worsens a bad situation.

For some people, better health can be achieved simply by sleeping more. Everyone’s need is different, some require less sleep than others, and much depends on the quality of the sleep.

Two beneficial hormones are normally produced during sleep, and decreased when you are deprived of sleep.

One is Human Growth Hormone (HGH), which helps to rebuild tissues. A lack of this hormone accelerates the aging process.

The other beneficial hormone produced during sleep is prolactin, which governs the immune system.

A lack of prolactin can impair immunity.

Getting enough  and normalizing your sleep patterns will help you to keep your circadian rhythm, and these critical hormones balance in proper perspectives.

The circadian rhythm is a natural, internal process that regulates the sleep-wake cycle and repeats roughly every 24 hours. This is really the most important thing in our lives, that’s why when you wake up in the morning for example, you should get the sunshine into your body.

When that sunshine impacts the back of the eye, it hits the suprachiasmatic nucleus (a tiny region of the brain in the hypothalamus responsible for controlling circadian rhythms), and in turn, that sets forth an entirely different set of processes that prepares us for the day.

Our body starts changing its hormonal function, starts raising cortisol and other things in order to start giving us energy.

This is also preparing you for activity to meet the day and actually that’s even the strongest time to do physical activities. In that earlier part of the day, and then about midday, our insulin resistance does start to change, and our metabolic situation has changed.

Sleep is also a part of the cleansing process as well, the body gets that break from the food. That activity stimulating cardiovascular and circulatory function.

The pancreas is creating enzymes readying for digestion, and so now it’s ready to accept food so it’s kind of highly metabolize that.

As it goes on during the day, as you get closer to the evening time that starts to slow down and enter into a new set of regulatory functions where the body is trying to prepare itself for nighttime, trying to prepare you for relaxation.

But most importantly it’s trying to prepare you for restoration.

we call it rest, but it comes down to the word restoration. Because it’s going to down so much of the body, it’s actually going to turn on a whole different set of the body functions especially the brain.

Your brain burns more calories at night than it does during the day,

And that’s actually quite a bit, and we’re greatly condensing a great number of things down into something very small.

Sleep also serves to replenish energy, which create a path for a vibrant spiritual and physical immunotherapy for a more energized you.

While we are asleep, the body creates large amounts of Adenosine Triphophate (ATP), a high-energy compound that our cells need, similar to how a car needs petrol.

If you are tired and can’t sleep enough at night, take an afternoon nap. Some people avoid napping because they feel like they are being lazy, or  believe others may view them as such.

If you are tired all the time, then listen to your body’s cry for help.

Fatigue is usually a symptom of disease, either physical, psychological or both.

As your health improves, your fatigue will disappear.

Get into the habit of normalizing your sleep pattern; the body prefer regularity.  This practice enables you to sleep naturally and healthily, giving your body the ability to build and repair cells, regulate hormonal balances, and produce the energy you need to do the things you want to do.

Colon Cancer in Younger Men! 

In a ground-breaking new study in 2011 from University Hospitals (UH) Case Medical Center and Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine. The researchers found that individuals who averaged less than six hours of sleep at night had an almost 50 percent increase in the risk of colorectal adenomas (colon cancer), compared with individuals sleeping at least seven hours per night.

Colorectal cancers are the third-most-frequent type of new cancer in men (right behind prostate and lung). And while they’re declining for older guys, the rates among younger Americans are on the rise.

In 2017, a large National Institute of Health (NIH), funded a study of invasive colorectal cancers found that people born around 1990 have double the risk of developing colon cancer and quadruple the risk of developing rectal cancer compared with those born around 1950.

If this trend continues, a study in JAMA Surgery predicted, by 2030 the rate of colon cancer will rise by 90 percent and that of rectal cancer by a staggering 124 percent in people ages 20 to 34.

Until the research results come in, doctors say that the things that make you generally healthy, probably help—maintain a healthy weight; eat a diet full of gut-friendly, high-fiber vegetables and whole grains; avoid tobacco and processed meats; limit sugar; stay active.

But here’s the essential thing that guys often don’t do: Take notice of symptoms, especially persistent changes in bowel habits, and get them checked out right away.

What colon cancer symptoms you should look for

The great majority of early-onset colorectal cancers start in the rectum, the lowest part of the colon, which can be linked with symptoms like rectal bleeding and constipation, says Robin Mendelsohn, M.D., a gastroenterologist and researcher at MSK’s Center for Young Onset Colorectal Cancer. [1]

If you’re seeing blood in your stool or on the toilet paper; if you notice stools narrowing or changing consistency; or if you have nausea, stomach pain, or bloating—any new or odd symptom that lasts “more than a couple of weeks,” she says—don’t write it off.

If you get pushback from your doc about testing—and you might, as up to 17 percent of early-onset colorectal-cancer patients are initially misdiagnosed, according to a recent Colorectal Cancer Alliance (CCA) survey—push right back.

“When we catch these cancers early, we can treat them more effectively,” Dr. Mendelsohn says.

So what it comes down to is this, that you’ll have to depend on your immune system to fight off  infections and diseases. The better your immune system, regardless of what disease is going around, whether it’s the seasonal flu, a cold, or this coronavirus.

A passion to have a vibrant spiritual and physical immunotherapy for a new you is highly recommended. if you can have a strong immune system then it will only benefit you, and that’s the best place to be indeed.

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